The Things Children Say                                                           
A neighbour's 9yr old son came home from school and informed his mum that one of his his classmate's had a ghost in their house. The mother trying to make light of it said, 'Maybe it's a good ghost.'

Son- What do you mean, a good ghost?

Mother - Well there are good ghosts and bad ghosts. When I die, if I come back to see you, then I will be a good ghost.

Son - No don't do that, I will be all right, I can look after myself.

                                                                                   A Child's Logic

July 2011, I watched My Genius Idea on children's TV.

Three children on each programme have to come up with an invention - an expert judge picks the best idea to go through to the semi-final.

Shannon age about 9 invented a bed making machine.

This machine was a bed with two large mechanical arms - one on each side of the bed. At the touch of a button these arms take hold of opposite corners of the quilt and pull it up the bed.

At the child's presentation, the judge Tom (did not catch his surname) questioned her about her invention.

TOM - Who do you see this being a benefit to?

SHANNON - It will be more of a benefit to the disabled than anyone else.

TOM - Suppose someone was having a restless night, flinging their arms about, what would happen if they accidentally hit the start button?

SHANNON - Then it would grab them by the feet and pull them upside-down up the bed.

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