Cake decorating is my latest half-baked hobby.

In the spring of this year I went on a ten-week cup cake decorating course for fun and to improve my skills for making family celebration cakes.

The blossom cake opposite; I made this one for my daughter's birthday (the big three zero shhh...) It is a heart shaped madeira cake covered with butter cream and decorated with edible flowers.

For the cake opposite, a box of chocolates, I followed a recipe for a Valentine's cake in 'Cake Decorating Step-By-Step' by Angela Nilsen and Sarah Maxwell.

My 8 year old grandson and I made and decorated the cake for his mum for Mother's Day. The cake has a loose lid and is filled with bought chocolates. I changed the decoration from a Valentine themed one to a one more suitable for Mother's Day (spring flowers).

Below - cup cakes made on cake decorating course.

Dennis the Menace - a 'Beano' comic character.
Blossom cake

 Blossom cake.

Box of chocolates Cake

 Chocolate box cake.

Brer Rabbit and friend. The car is made from half of a chocolate Easter egg shell - once again 'course work'.
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